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The iPhone App

03 Dec 2018 - by Graham

We've got an app! Yes, that's right, you can now get TangoSynthesis directly on your iPhone without having to use a web browser or fiddle around with bookmarks. But why? What was the point of putting together an app, when I could publish all the same information on the website? Firstly and most importantly, it's easier. If you want to check out the diary before heading to a class to see if anything has changed or what the theme of the week's classes might be, then it's a lot quicker and easier to open up an app and see what's going on than it is to open a web browser, find the bookmark you need or remember the URL, navigate the site menus, and eventually find the information you were after. An app is quicker to open on your phone than a web browser like Safari, and it loads [read more...]

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