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Wales Tango Festival

15 Nov 2021 - by Graham

As you have probably heard by now, I will not be participating in the Wales International Tango Festival (run by Urban Tango Nights) this year. I had been scheduled to DJ a couple of sets at the milongas and - as The Lacuna Works - provide sound and lighting support for many of the events. However due to the situation with vaccine passports and testing in place there I have decided that I can no longer be involved. I had been really looking forward to going to Swansea for this festival. Prior to 2020 the biggest part of my life and my business had been in providing sound and lighting for festivals, fairs, and dance events, and so it would have been great to have got back on the road with all my kit. Multiple DJs, a live band, workshops and several milongas (social dance evening events) are [read more...]

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