Neotango dance nights by Tangosynthesis.

Some Recent Neolongas

January 2019

Here are a few photos from our recent neolongas in Sevenoaks, and some from a Neolonga in Tunbridge Wells where Graham was guest DJ for the night.


Sevenoaks "Nuit Blanche" X-Tango Milonga

22nd June 2018

Since this lined up with the Summer solstice, we thought we would give it a bit of a summery twist. I took the wrong camera with me though so the photos are less good than usual, but you get the idea!



Sevenoaks April X-Tango Milonga

27th April 2018

Another great fun evening in Sevenoaks.



X1 - The X-Tango launch night at Jivebeat Sevenoaks

23rd March 2018

We had a great night, with dancers coming from all over the south east. See if you can recognise anyone...



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