Argentine Tango is a dance that is surrounded by tradition, from the sort of music that it is generally played at classes and social dances, to the layout of the room used for milongas, and even the way you ask people to dance by using the cabeceo. There is no doubt that this gives a very specific atmosphere to the dancing environment and many people believe that this is a part of what makes Argentine Tango the dance that it is. But what if you are looking for something a little different? Can you dance the tango to any other music?

We believe that tango can - and should - be danced to music of all sorts of diferent genres, not just music that has been specially written for tango in 1950s Argentina, or even just modern recreations of traditional tango rhythms. We play blues, jazz, popular, electronica, metal, and all sorts of other genres too... if the track works for tango then we play it. Some people call this approach 'nuevo', and some call it 'neotango', but as these terms have come to mean something specific in the tango world, we prefer to call it 'alternative'. It is simply an alternative way to enjoy dancing tango.

Tango has been part of Jivebeat since the summer of 2017, and from the first day we decided to use modern music in our classes and during our freestyles. This was never a rejection of traditional tango music as we dance to that all the time at many other venues, but instead it was a decision that we made to give people a choice of what they wanted to listen to when dancing. That choice has been very well received, and we regularly get people complimenting us on the music we play both during and after the classes so we are very happy that we made the right decision.

Are X-Tango Alternative Milongas suitable for beginners?

Unless you have done at least a couple of tango classes you will probably feel a bit out of your depth on the dance floor, so check the schedule to see if the milonga you want to come to has a class before it or alongside it. Where we do have a class it will be specifically aimed at new tango dancers with a "get you started" feel, so that might be exactly what you are looking for.

But everyone is always welcome regardless of skill or experience, so if you just want to come and watch some tango to see what all the fuss is about then stick your head around the door, introduce yourself and say hello.

Dance Styles

The music is there to dance to, so although we primarily aim it at people who want to dance tango much of it will be suitable for other dance styles as well. So if you want to dance blues, ballroom, or even LeRoc to some of our crossover tracks then just do it.

All we ask is that if you are dancing a non-progressing dance style like LeRoc then you move towards the centre of the dance floor to let those who are dancing tango progress around the outside of the room in the usual way.


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