Post-Pandemic Policy

Issued 7th Jun 2021

From the 19th July 2021 all the restrictions applicable to dance classes and dance events are no longer required. This document outlines how we are running our events and classes from that restart date going forwards.

Our Policy


  1. At Tangosynthesis we will comply with any and all legal requirements that may be mandated or imposed by the government or local authorities. We will update this policy to reflect any changes in policy or legislation that may apply.
  2. It is our intention that in the absence of any specific regulations prohibiting or mandating any actions we will run our events as closely as possible to the way things worked prior to March 2020.

Masks and Testing

  1. We will not be testing people with Lateral Flow tests or any other technology prior to granting entry to our events, and nor will we require that anyone perform a test at home prior to arriving.
  2. Masks will not be required at any of our events. If you wish to wear a mask whilst dancing or in the room then that is absolutely your choice and you are free to do so, but others will not be wearing masks and that is their choice too.
  3. We will not ask your vaccination status or require you to show us any proof of vaccination.

Privacy and Choice

We ask that anyone attending our events respects the privacy and the wishes of other attendees. This includes:

  1. Not asking anyone wearing a mask to take it off, and not asking anyone not wearing a mask to put one on.
  2. Not asking personal medical details, including about anyone’s vaccination status.


  1. If you already have a dance partner and you attend a class or event with them then - as always - you have the choice to stay as a fixed couple or switch partners throughout the evening.
  2. If you do not have a dance partner and you attend a class alone then it is reasonable to assume that you will be happy to dance with someone who is already there.
  3. We will never insist on anyone swapping partners, nor will we impose unwanted partnerships on anyone.
  4. If you ask someone to dance or to be your partner and they decline, do not pressure them to change their mind or give a reason.

Track and Trace

  1. We will not be implementing any specific new “Track and Trace” system.
  2. In order to comply with Safeguarding regulations we already maintain up-to-date contact details of all our attendees and routinely record attendance at our classes and events. This will continue, and our use of the data collected is governed by our Data Privacy Policy.


  1. All attendees will be asked to sign a new membership form and to agree to the latest version of our Terms and Conditions. This is a routine exercise that should have been carried out in 2019 but somehow it got missed; it was re-scheduled for early 2020 but obviously that never happened either. A copy of the form can be seen here on our website.
  2. All attendees agree to abide by our Policy on Racism.

For any further information about anything in this policy please contact Graham Guy at

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