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Tango milongas / freestyles without the tradition. All modern music.

Next X-Tango:

Fri 25th Oct

Otford Memorial Hall, Otford Village

X-Tango Neolonga - The Tango Alternative

Fri 25th Oct

Otford Memorial Hall, Otford Village

Welcome to the Tango Underground, where Graham's DJ sets will take your tango experience in completely new directions. With all the best neotango, nuevo, and alternative music throughout the evening, and a scattering of traditional added to the mix, there is something for everyone at X-Tango. Sometimes challenging, sometimes familiar, and sometimes completely unexpected, but always 100% danceable.

No tandas, no cortinas, and definitely no cabeceos! Just dancing from the beginning to the end of the evening.

£12 on the door or £10 if you pre-book at one of our classes or via our website. Free tea, coffee, water, squash, and nibbles. Cheap soft drinks. Bring your own alcohol if you want.


Our X-Tango Neolongas are £12 on the door, or £10 if you pre-book at one of our class nights, events, or by using the form below. If you are not yet a member of TangoSynthesis / Jivebeat then you can register here for free (then check your email - including your spam folder - for your membership mumber). If you are a member and can't find your membership number, or if you are pre-booking for someone else whose number you don't know, then leave that box blank and just enter the name of the person booking.

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