After Class Demos

We shot these videos after some of our classes as reminders of what we did for those that were there, and so unline the Tango Course videos they have little to no explanation in them.

Please ensure you have reviewed our Terms and Conditions before attempting any of the moves or techniques shown in these videos.

Leading Projections and Using Height

25th Mar 2023

Using the 'e' or circular motion to lead a projection or to add energy to a step, and using height to control the free leg.

Leading Crosses

25th Mar 2023

A series of linear crosses.

Milonga-friendly Turns

22nd Jul 2022

A series of turns and rebotes (rebounds) that work well within the ronda in a traditional salon milonga.

Energised Ocho and Disconnected Walking

22nd Jul 2022

An ocho with extra energy generated from a leader's forward step during the turn, and then how to continue moving when out of hold.

Back Parada and Gancho

22nd Jul 2022

A backwards parada (block) morphed into a gancho.

Ocho Parada and Barida

22nd Jul 2022

A simple ocho combination with a Parada (block) and Barida (sweep or drag).

Pivoting rebotes and a gancho

27th Mar 2022

A rebote (rebound) and how to turn it into a turn / pivot. Then followed by a pair of ganchos.

Crosses and an Ocho Cortado

27th Mar 2022

Some basic crosses followed by an ocho cortado.

Giro and Sandwich

27th Mar 2022

A basic giro leading to a sandwich, ending with an opposition cross.

Snake Walks and Snake-y Sacadas

27th Mar 2022

Starting with a simple alternate-track snake walk, and progressing to a series of alternating sacadas.

Crosses and Unhooks

27th Mar 2022

The basic cross, a cross sequence, and a back cross with a lift-and-unhook.

Walking, alternate crosses, and a turn

17th Jan 2022

Walking in the outside and inside tracks, a 'normal' follower cross and a cross on the unusual side, a series of alternating crosses, and a turn.

A series of Sacadas

17th Jan 2022

Sacadas (where one partner steps 'through' the other partner's space) in echos and a giro, then a follower Sacada from an over-turned Ocho, and a leader back-sacada.

Giro with sacadas, a gancho, and a soltada

5th Mar 2020

After-class demo of what we learned on the 3rd March 2020. This routine starts with a basic giro, then we add two sacadas, a gancho, and finish with a soltada gancho. A 'soltada' is a move where the leader disconnects from the follower for a moment so they can reposition. It may be used for pivots, promenades around your partner, or - like in this case - to get into position for a reverse carried-gancho.

Tango Class Reminder - Follower Barrida with Crossed Sandwich Lifts and Pivots

24th Feb 2020

We looked at a follower step-over barrida, where the follower hooks the leader's foot and 'drags' it into position, then we extended it with a crossed sandwich (leader's feet crossed around the follower's foot) and into a pivot and a wrap. Filmed on the 18th Jan 2020 st South Norwood

Clockwise Giro with a rebound into pivot

6th Feb 2020

A clockwise slow giro, followed by a rebound and a follower pivot that is led by a change of weight. This was recorded after the class on the 10th Dec 2019 with no explanation or notes.

Front Boleo and Slow Giro

6th Feb 2020

A front boleo for both the leader and the follower, followed by a slow giro. This was recorded after the class on the 10th Dec 2019 with no explanation or notes.

Forward Wraps

20th Sep 2019

Three variations of a forward wrap, where the follower's free leg is led to wrap around the leader's leg. There is no explanation in this video. Recorded after the class on the 19th September 2019

Off Axis moves with a Lift

14th Sep 2019

A back cross, a (mostly) supported volcada, a side colgada with a mini gancho, and a simple lift to finish. Recorded after the class on the 12th September 2019. There is no explanation in this video, just a demonstration.

Calesitas - Off-Axis

10th Sep 2019

Sequence of off-axis calesitas recorded after the class at Tunbridge Wells on the 9th September 2019

Calesitas - On-Axis

10th Sep 2019

Sequence of on-axis calesitas recorded after the class at Tunbridge Wells on the 2nd September 2019

Follower Sacadas

23rd Aug 2019

A quick recording after the class of the three follower sacadas we taught at Tunbridge Wells. Filmed on the 19th August 2019. This video contains no explanation or description.

Boleo Variations

14th Aug 2019

Three types of boleo... pivot, linear, and front. This was recorded as an after-class demo and contains no description or explanation. Filmed on the 12th August 2019.

Emphasising Body Spiral

6th Aug 2019

Working on slow spiral, where the shoulders move before the hips creating tension in the body. Routine used two ochos, a giro with three leader saccades, and a bolo to finish off.  Filmed on the 5th August 2019.


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