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Boleo (or Voleo) Exercises

01 Nov 2018 - by Graham

I was recently asked about a video containing a series of exercises intended to help followers learn or improve their boleos. If you’re not sure what a boleo is, it’s the flick you see in the lower leg of a follower during rapid changes of direction or speed. They can be small and subtle or high and snappy, but if the leg responds to movement with a flick then it’s a boleo. They are related to ganchos, the ‘hook’ where one partner’s leg hooks and rapidly unhooks again from the other partner’s leg, but in general a boleo happens without something to hook around. The video I was sent was a good example of a very traditional way of learning tango. It showed someone going through a series of exercises and positions like you were viewing it in stop-motion, and instructed you to repeat these positions until they felt [read more...]

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