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Price increases

21 Aug 2018 - by Graham

It is an unfortunate fact of life that things tend to get a little more expensive over time, and whilst we've held off for as long as we can, the time has come for us to put up the prices.  So from the 1st September, all classes will be going up from £8 to £9 on the door. We will still be doing our "5 for 4" offer through the website or at any venue, so you can pre-buy 5 classes (to be used whenever you like) for £36. Go to the Buy and Save page on the website...  X-Tango Alternative Milongas will be going up to £12 on the door, or £10 pre-booked. We will be adding the booking facility to the website in the next few days, but you can always pre-book at any of our classes. As stated in the previous post, the Guided Practilongas at [read more...]

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