Modern Argentine Tango Classes

South Norwood - Sevenoaks - Dunton Green

Social Dancing, not Social Distancing

Experience the joy of learning to dance the Argentine Tango and help to uncover your creative side. Join Graham and Nathalie at our regular weekly classes and discover something new.

Our classes run from 20:00 - 22:00 and are all drop-in, with no courses to book or specific days that you have to start. They are suitable for any age (from 18 upwards) and any fitness level, with any dance experience or none at all.

Our style is variously called modern tango, improvised tango fantasia, or sometimes tango nuevo, but we simply think of ourselves as teaching and dancing the wonderful Argentine Tango using a modern style and with modern music that you know and love. We dance to blues, pop, rock, jazz, and much much more, and we even dance to 'traditional' tango tracks occasionally. For us the uniquely special thing about tango is that you can dance it to pretty much anything, so if there are tracks that you would like to try just let me know.

Class entry is only £10 per person.

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South Norwood
Wednesday 6th Dec 20:00-22:00
Regular Class Night

Thursday 7th Dec 20:00-22:30
Regular Class Night

South Norwood
Wednesday 13th Dec 20:00-22:00
Regular Class Night

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Great place for neo tango or expressive dance. Excellent music.

John (X-Tango)


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