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A long time ago in a venue far far away...

05 May 2024 - by Graham

Seven years ago today I taught my first ever tango class. I was supposed to be teaching a LeRoc modern jive class in Sevenoaks, but somehow it morphed into tango and... well, the rest is history. Since then we have moved venues a few times, ran our own X/Tango neolongas, watched dancing be made illegal for a year, came back, found our style, and are still going strong.

Teaching can be tough sometimes, with lesson preparation, looking for inspiration, wondering if enough people will come to the class, and still having to find something to keep people interested week on week without making things more and more difficult until everyone gets put off. But seeing people having a great time at my classes makes it all worthwhile. 

It is particularly rewarding when you find something you love doing, and then not only do you get to do it but also you get to teach it and pass your passion on to others. And when doing all that puts a smile on peoples' faces week after week you know you are right where you need to be. 

So thank you to everyone who comes along to South Norwood, Sevenoaks, and X/Tango. And long may we all continue doing what we love.

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