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X/Tango - Alternative and Neotango

06 May 2024 - by Graham

On the 19th April we had our first X/Tango event in four years, and it was everything we hoped it would be! A good number of people came from all over the area - South Norwood, Croydon, Sevenoaks, Borough Green, East Grinstead, Canterbury, and much more - and we had a good balance of leaders and followers. So absolutely we will be doing it again.

But what is X/Tango? What is the difference between an X/Tango event and a milonga you may have attended that was run by a more 'traditional' tango school than us?

From the first moment I discovered tango and began to learn this amazing and intricate dance style I knew that I did not want it to be constrained by one type of music. Tango was bigger than that, and it confused me that so many places seemed to be saying that if you were not listening to scratchy music from the 1930s and following a set of rules that had nothing to do with dancing you were not dancing tango. It made no sense. I wanted to dance tango whilst listening to music I loved from every possible genre. Blues, rock, jazz, classical... every style has something to offer and every style has tracks with a rhythm or cadence that can be perfect for tango. So why not use it?

When we started running our own tango social dances - or 'milongas', we tried to blend together the old and the new. I played a mix of 'traditional' tracks and modern music to try to appeal to both camps. But instead it confused people. The traditionalists were put off by the modern music, and people like me were bored with the traditional. So I decided to concentrate on what I know and love, and play only the modern and alternative music.

So that is X/Tango. All modern, alternative, and electro-nuevo music, with no tandas or cortinas, and no confusing rues about only asking people to dance by remote signalling. If you like your tango modern, you will love this.

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