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X/Tango is Back!!!

03 Apr 2024 - by Graham

On the 19th April, X/Tango will return to the Tangosynthesis calendar for the first time in far too long! We last held one of these events in February 2020 just before the world got shut down around us, and a combination of various life events has meant that we never got them back up and running. But finally and at long last... we are BACK!!!!

So what is X/Tango?

Do you love tango, but just cannot get on with the "traditional" music played at so many milongas? Do you want to get on the floor and dance without all the messing around with cabeceo & mirada - and risking getting told off for daring to go up to someone and asking if they would like to dance? Do you want to expand your tango horizons and find out just how versatile this amazing dance style can be? And do you want to be able to dance other styles such as blues or slow leroc if the mood takes you without the dance police extracting you from the floor by your ear?

If you answered "yes" to any of those you should come along to X/Tango and see what a modern Argentine Tango neolonga can really be like!

Graham plays a selection of alternative tango-danceable music from every genre across the spectrum, some modern electro nuevo that takes the essence of the traditional style and brings it into the 21st century, and occasional wild-cards that will test your musicality. And there will be no vintage "traditional" music at all.

Price for the first event will be £10 per person. Future X/Tango events will be £12 to stay in line with the price increase of all our classes.

Details of the first event and a map to the Dunton Green venue can be found here.

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