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What is tango?

01 Nov 2023 - by Graham

It is often described as “a dance of passion” or “the sexy dance”, but when it comes to everyday social tango this is very misleading. Tango is not inherently any more passionate or sexier than any other dance style. So… what is it?

Tango is mindfulness. It is musical meditation. When you dance tango it is as if you are the only two people on the dance floor, and the rest of the world goes away for a few minutes. Tango is improvised, with the leader and follower obeying certain rules and principles; there is no choreography to learn and no sequences to memorise, so every dance is different.

If you have been avoiding tango because of its “sexy” or “passionate” reputation then think again. Tango is for everyone, so give it a go.

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